Western Precision Detailing Services

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Automotive reconditioning and detailing services

"The Works" 

The "Works" includes a complete exterior wash and machine wax (1 coat),Complete rim and tire reconditioning, black trim, door handle & mud flap reconditioning, Interior carpet shampoo and upholstery extraction, Leather cleaning and reconditioning, UV Blocker is added to dash and interior trim, windows are cleaned streak free, vents are  treated to an odor neutralizer for                                                                                                         that fresh car smell.   

                                                                                                            "The Works" detail package starts at $275.



Complete Interior reconditioning, exterior wash & wax and an under the hood reconditioning.

Starts at $275 

Specialty  Paint Protection Services: 
We utilize only the very best Ceramics, Polishes and Sealants that are available on the market today. we offer packages that protect your autos paint for anywhere from 3 months, to 5 years depending on how much you want to protect your auto investment from the elements. Our Signature HD wax package starts at $200 and Our Signature Ceramic packages start at $500. contact us today for more info. 
Interior Detail Packages:
This package include  a full carpet extraction plus shampoo, upholstery extraction, full leather reconditioning, UV blockers are applied to the dash and trim, windows cleaned streak free, and an odor neutralizer is run through the ventilation system to eliminate odor and eliminate bacteria for that fresh car smell. Interior Reconditioning Services start at $120

Head Lamp Restoration Service & Specialty Services

Turn those old hazy headlamps crystal clear again with our premier head lamp restoration service.  starting @ $70 per pair

Clear Bra Removal service: starting @ $120

Trim Restoration services starting at $70

Trim removal services starting at $100

                                                  Decal removal starts at $20

Acid Washing Services & RV Waxing

  We specialize in aluminum and chrome acid washing. We offer Premier MOBILE detail services for any horse &  livestock transport, RV & Boat...Gel Coat, Painted & Aluminum finish reconditioning  are a few of our many specialty services we offer. 

Acid Washing Packages starting at $400

RV Waxing Packages starting at $400

                                             Marine Detail Packages start at $400                                                  

Motorcycle, Marine & Brightwork

Motorcycle "works" package includes a wash and paint protectant/sealant, leather and vinyl reconditioning w/uv blocker, chrome polish, sealant and windshield rain x treatment. Enjoy 12 months of protection with this package!!  

starting @ $120

UPGRADE to total CERAMIC protection for $250 and enjoy 3-5 YEARS of protection from the elements!!!